Friday, 26 April 2013

Prophecy and the Future of Mankind PART II of IV

Siize Punabantu

How scripture can be used to guide government

In Genesis humanity is taught scripture and introduced to God by the higher beings. The higher beings are humanity’s religious predecessors. They existed before creation and witnessed the creation of earth and mankind. Their civilisations predate that of mankind and from their own hardships and sacrifices they have come to learn the most important principles of existence which they share with humanity in Genesis. They worshipped God before humanity existed.

A common mistake when it comes to theology is the belief that when God created the universe in Genesis what is witnessed is simply creation. It is much more than this. In fact Genesis is not just teaching mankind about humanity’s origins and creation; it is teaching humanity about God’s religion and recommended method of government. The higher beings in Genesis are guided by a fundamental law and constitution that is representative of the will of God or the throne; and the fundamental basis of this law is genuine equality. The fact that the higher beings come from a civilisation that precedes and was able to observe the creation of man and the earth is a clear indication that their civilisation is far more advanced than that of humanity. This alludes to the fact that advancements in knowledge, science and technology of this civilisation, which will be far greater than humanity’s, have not reduced their faith in God and religion. Humanity with an infant civilisation often attempts to use its meagre knowledge to dismiss the existence of God yet here are higher beings introduced to mankind in scripture that worship God, yet are of a civilisation with wisdom and knowledge that by far surpasses that of humanity. Genesis explains that it is on the basis of their faith in God that humanity enjoys a peaceful existence free from the dangers of external interference from some unscrupulous higher beings. 

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