Monday, 10 June 2013

Part III of IV The Last Supper and the search for salvation

 Siize Punabantu

Religion has known for thousands of years that other than space there are inner universes just as vast and as populated as our own, worlds within worlds as real as earth. These universes existing within one another are inter-dimensional and have been called by many names, spirit, heaven, the Garden of Eden, the Kingdom of God and so on. The science and technology required to see these worlds and interact with them is advanced and complex and has not yet been invented. However, there is a tool more advanced than any developed by man that is known to have been used for thousands of years to reach those worlds. This tool is the human biological brain and physiology. The men and women who discovered the science of the human physiology by which to travel to these distant inner worlds called the process and journey time by which to get there and back Baptism. Their physiological methods and faith was a divine vehicle by which they served God and they were called priests, in scripture they were called the El Elyon, the Priests of the Most High God.

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