Thursday, 6 February 2014

Teaching in the most advanced language in the world

 Siize Punabantu

Education is the foundation upon which great nations are built. Developing countries around the world face the dilemma of fighting back underdevelopment and poverty, yet they do not have the resources they need to invest in education. Developing the mind and preparing the child to grow up able to contribute to society is the role education plays in both the developed and developing world.  However, when the methodology for learning designed in the developed world is examined, it may have been world class a century ago, however, today it is tedious, inadequate and antiquated. This antiquated leaning methodology continues to be applied in schools in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Zambia is no exception and follows this learning methodology.
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  1. Loshon HaKodesh is the most advanced language (I"m on 'Facebook' Boruch V. Hoffinger)

  2. I wouldn't argue that Boruch. Its best to give all living languages the respect that's due to them. Thanks for posting.