Sunday, 27 April 2014

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The Greater Poverty & Wealth of Nations

Economics - Business - Finance

The Greater Poverty and Wealth of Nations is a deeper look into the operational sturcture of economics and the diverse principles arising from economic thought. It evaluates the cognitive processes by which money and transactions take place to determine how productivity, cost and profit should synergise  to  meet the objectives of business. Link 

ISBN: 978-9982-22-076-7

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Academy Makes Its Choice

Lupita Nyong'o, Best Supporting Actress

Anthony Katagas, Jeremy Kleiner, Dede Garner, Brad Pitt and Steve McQueen : Best picture


12 Years a Slave

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Teaching in the most advanced language in the world

 Siize Punabantu

Education is the foundation upon which great nations are built. Developing countries around the world face the dilemma of fighting back underdevelopment and poverty, yet they do not have the resources they need to invest in education. Developing the mind and preparing the child to grow up able to contribute to society is the role education plays in both the developed and developing world.  However, when the methodology for learning designed in the developed world is examined, it may have been world class a century ago, however, today it is tedious, inadequate and antiquated. This antiquated leaning methodology continues to be applied in schools in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Zambia is no exception and follows this learning methodology.
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Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Syrian peace talks in Davos

Siize Punabantu

The Syrian peace talks held in Davos are a brave and an important step towards stabilizing the crisis in Syria and credit must be given to all the people and institutions who have made peace talks possible. Creating a transitional government, however, may persistently reach an impasse as both sides disagree on many issues and some degree of trust needs to first be established therefore a different strategy to find peace may be required. The war in Syria is one based on legitimacy. It is a war of legitimacy. Consequently it will not end until an agenda for legitimacy is put in place...

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Obama's State of the Union : America is back.

Obama wants progress.
Clearly Obama's State of the Union address encourages the United States and all its citizens, businesses, households and partners, democrats and republicans; to for the moment set differences aside to take advantage of and get behind the upward momentum now observed in the US economy and the positive results of policy. The broad message is that there may be differences in approach, opinion and how to get things done, but for now lets take advantage of the wind in the sails and get the nation to a favorable and rewarding destination.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Harnessing a New Strategy for the Industrial Development in Africa

 Siize Punabantu

For the African continent to develop it has to take care of five basic fundamentals, in order of priority these are:

1  Power: the storage and supply of the electrical energy that will support industry
     2 Transportation: the routes and modes of transportation that will strategically connect intra-African     industry to exploit comparative advantage

      3  Natural Resources: electrical power and accessibility into the African interior enabling the efficient exploitation of minerals

      4 Industry: the manufacture of raw materials into finished goods, effective value addition and the efficient and cost effective distribution

      5 Services: effective and efficient service delivery through commercial hubs delivering public services and amenities, housing and accommodation, commercial activity, banking, finance, education, leisure, tourism etc 

 African governments need to be able to conceptualize an African continent ahead of its time, with many of the economic and regional hurdles that keep African countries from finding the synergies they need to advance overcome.  By being able to forecast where major investments should go African countries can gain the ability to commit to major investments that not only mitigate against unemployment and create industrial advancement but that, regardless of how large and expensive are commercial enough to pay for themselves and that will change the African economic landscape forever.

 A cruise ship from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

docked at Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe

Monday, 28 October 2013

Find the Courage and Strength

In democracy you do not pick and choose who your adversary will be or should be. If you have faith in your cause and what you believe then you must also have the courage to let the ballot decide the outcome. What use is it that you show courage and strength in the field of battle but show cowaradice when it comes to the sanctity of the very truth you are struggling for when it comes to the ballot?Syria needs an opposition that does not fear its adversary at the ballot. Asad and his government are ready to go for elections. It is sign of strength for opposition to rise up to the challenge to face him at the ballot. This is  the nature of democracy. Your people need you to be bold, both government and opposition should not let courage fail when it is needed most to secure peace for the people of Syria. Find the courage and the strength to face your destiny at the ballot. This is the price of leadership.

Hail Holy Spirit

Hail Holy Spirit full of wisdom,
Jesus our Lord  has sent for thee,
Blessed are we by thy presence here in our midst this day,
Blessed Lord is this thy true baptism of God's Spirit and Fire,
Come now Holy Spirit strengthen our vigil,
Bring us swiftly into the presence of God, our Father,
Lead us triumphantly into the glory of thy most holy baptism now and forever amen.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Ending the Shutdown Impasse in the US

Siize Punabantu

The United States and 1 Kings 3:16-28

Anyone who understands the impasse over the debt ceiling in the United States would realise it is first and foremost a political rather than an economic impasse. What is being inadvertently decided is the political future of the US, that is who will rule.

The shutdown impasse in the US is a  classic example how political rule works described in 1 Kings 3:16-28. In this parable-like event, for  this instance, the innocent baby represents the American people, their livlihood and wellbeing. The two mothers represent the Democrats and Republicans. In this deadlock that has caused a shut down of government in the United States the first to capitulate is the true mother of the child, whichever party makes the first personal sacrifice to spare the baby is genuine, suffers a calculated loss at first but gains everything in the end at the next election, while whichever party remains stubborn and as result causes the baby to be sacrificed gains a shortsighted, short term victory but loses absolutely everything, all it has worked for and its gains in the long run. This is the wisdom of Solomon, it is as relevant today, to those politicians who understand this wisdom in scripture, as it was in Solomon's day. Long term victory favours the wise. Any politician caught in this kind of stalement who seeks victory understands and is taught what to do by this parable-like event.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Know this Peacemaker

Know this peacemaker, you shall see the heavenly country. In the midst of the noise peacemaker hold onto your faith, grip your sword tightly, its tip poised with intent. Beat that weapon into ploughshare, poise that sword. Pain and death are funded by  the bankrupt, who will not see heaven, to dance around you. Poise your sword, it quivers at the ready humming with ominous power. Hear the voice of peace. The war mongers and nay sayers dance around you. Steady your sword, you shall see the heavenly country. Death and suffering dance around you, making many flee to far off places, taking the lives of innocents in the country side, in the city, in the streets, in the malls. Steady your sword. Know this peacemaker, you shall be called holy. Tighten your grip on the hilt, see its pointed tip quiver, hold your stance, defy the day. Raise the heavy hammer and strike that first blow that bends the blade to the plough. Hold that sword steady, raise the heavy hammer. Death and terror prance around you, innocents flee and tremble. Steady that sword, grip it tightly, approach your perceived enemy for peace. Stare down conflict, achieve the unthinkable, pursue the unfathomable. Peacemaker you shall be called holy. Innocents cry out, children moan and there is confusion in your midst. The warmonger winces and remonstrates, mocks and cajoles. Moral conflict within makes you tremble. Steady that sword peacemaker. Lift the heavy hammer high above your head. Peacemaker you shall be called holy, you shall see the heavenly country. On your  shoulders rests the fate of humanity. Steady that sharp sword, raise the heavy hammer.Know this peacemaker, you shall be called holy, you shall enter the heavenly country.

Hold that sword steady, raise the heavy hammer,

Peacemaker, you shall be called holy, you shall enter the heavenly country.

Know this peacemaker.


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Syria: the dilemma at hand

Siize Punabantu

The problem in Syria has many facets. This is a country in which the sitting government of Assad was beginning to face the winds of change with calls for democracy from Syrian citizens seeking greater political freedom and the power of political choice. The response to this desire for change was that Assad’s government after decades of dictatorship began to implement a plan toward multi-party politics. The pace of implementation was deemed too slow and soon overwhelmed by the Arab spring after which the process devolved into a civil war. The problem that arises now that Syria is in a state of flux is what will be the political outcome when the coin finally stands still and falls flat on one face as to the victor will go the spoils including that of a persecution may not build national unity; there are two sides to this coin on one is that of Assad on the other is that of the Rebels.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

QE & the Punabantu Equation of Exchange

Siize Punabantu

Much of the ambiguity associated with quantitative easing (QE) can be removed. Let us use Irving Fisher’s Equation of Exchange as one method to explain how Operating Level Economics (OLE ) is able to use quantitative easing as an instrument for achieving accelerated growth.

The Fisher Equation is as follows:

This is an identity, Where basically:

M- money supply
V-velocity of money
T-total number of transactions made over a period of time
P- value of money

T in the Fisher Equation is not ordinarily linked to output due to the linear economy’s disposition toward zero growth; therefore an increase in transactions (as it is with an increase in money supply) in a linear economy will be limited by implosion and not necessarily lead to an increase in output. However, in a dynamic economy T, which functions on a different growth principle based on split velocity it is equated directly to output and is therefore converted to Y or an index value of the physical volume of output in the economy. Therefore, PY in the equation corresponds with GDP.

The Fisher equation is correct as an identity, however, this identity is incomplete as it leaves out one of the most important factors that determine the productive capacity or performance of money in an economy which in turn directly influences the efficiency of production and the general level of output. This factor is the economic operating system in which money (M), Transactions (T) or Output (Y), Velocity (V) and Price (P) function. The operating system is denoted by the letter (R).

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Monday, 29 July 2013

His Holiness Pope Francis returns from Brazil in good spirit. A true shepherd and leader abides by the principle of equality and good judgement. Matthew 25:40 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'